3-4 October 2015, Amsterdam

Red Fight District IV coming in October 2015!

18 February 2015 - Red Fight District will be returning with its fourth edition on the weekend of 3-4 October 2015 in Amsterdam. Just like last year the event is part of the Capcom Pro Tour, the premier league destination for competitive fighting games. Specific details such as the line-up of games will be announced on a later date. It's not too late for you to let us know what you would like to see on Red Fight District IV!

Last year MD.Luffy booked an incredible victory in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Justin Wong won the tournaments for Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Under Night In-Birth Exe Late. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 featured an all-French final between Daitenjin and Kalak. The Dutch Indie-game Lethal League packed a lot of hype between players, bystanders and stream monsters.

Red Fight District (RFD) is a collaboration of the Dutch Fighting Game Community, which resulted in the two biggest Fighting Game events ever taken place in the Netherlands, making the Red Fight District serie one of the largest Fighting Games events in Europe. The main initiative is taken by DutchNoobz in collaboration with TekkenZone. The community itself makes all of this happen with their devoted time and efforts. The First Red Fight District took place in 2011 in the city of Weesp near Amsterdam, while the second and third edition of Red Fight District took place in Amsterdam in respectively 2013 and 2014.